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Busting 4 Myths about Homeschoolers


Author: Alethia Holmes

Myths that are common in society and can be a powerfully negative force.  Myths are often untrue prejudiced thoughts spread by the society in order to explain certain mindsets from past cultures. Myths abound about homeschooling. Today we will take a stab at busting four of those myths.

Myth #1 Homeschooled students are isolated.
Homeschooling seems mysterious to many because they imagine that the children are isolated away from society without other kids of the same age around them. Some people think that somehow homeschooling traps a child within their homes. Nothing could be farther from the truth.Most homeschooled children have a wide variety of activities from coops to church activities to youth groups to outside lessons, sports, arts and scouting. Some children have small businesses and many gather regularly with other homeschoolers. Attending an online homeschooling program where children live in all 50 states and many other countries expands that student’s network throughout the globe.

Myth #2 Homeschooled students are weird and unsocialized.

One of the reasons homeschoolers cite most often as to why they chose to homeschool is to spare their children from the unhealthy, untrue and unGodly influences of traditional schooling. They believe it is weird to swear, do drugs and alcohol, disrespect your eleders, care only about clothes and make up and what your peers think of you.

Homeschooling children are considered street-dumb (opposite of street-smart) by some uninformed people. Most homeschoolers are afforded varied opportunities to interact with people from all walks of life as compared to those who are in the traditional system who are usually restricted with the people they meet in its halls.

Myth # 2 BUSTED Truth: Homeschooled kids are often more mature than their schooled peers because they are living in the real world and can socialize with people of all ages.
Myth #3 Homeschooled students are religious fanatics.
One myth about children who are homeschooled involves their parents’ nature. Most of the times, this preconception that the religious nature of the parents if fanatical because they want their children to be away from any form of evil influence that the world has to offer. If is fanatical to want to protect our children from the very real and ever present realities of a fallen world, then most homeschoolers would gladly agree they are fanatics. However, if you consider the number of school shootings, the presence of drugs, alcohol and guns in every school in America and the young age at which children are experimenting with very dangerous substances and activities, homeschoolers are justified in wanting to protect their children.

Myth #3 BUSTED Homeschooling parents strive to protect their children from a fallen world and teach their children the Truth about God.
Myth #4 Homeschool students don’t get a well rounded good education.
One huge advantage of online homeschooling is the freedom to pick which subjects are to be taught. Homeschooling parents and students can focus more on what they want their children to excel, or follow the child’s own interests, which is often called Delight driven learning or Joy Directed Learning. By allowing the child to play a bigger role in the selection of his own materials and curriculum, they are more likely to be engaged and find meaning from the materials. Retention is proven to be higher when people have a say in what they are learning..

Myth #4 BUSTED Homeschooled students typically have higher GPAs and are more likely to be recruited by universities and colleges because of the unique skill set that they can offer. They are more motivated and determined compared to their counterparts coming from the traditional system.

Homescholing gives children more exposure to the real world and therefore more opportunities to build real world skills and socialization that is not dictated by the pressures of peers. Homeschooling creates students who are comfortable talking with people of all ages and kind and respectful. Homeschooling protects children from the secularhumanistic mindset that prevails in traditional schooling and can pass on Judea Christian beliefs. Homeschooling students perform above average in studies compared to their traditionally schooled peers. Homeschooling is a wonderful way to grow and educate children.

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