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Mimi Rothschild, Home School Mom

Mimi Rothschild is the co-founder of Learning By Grace, a company dedicated to providing parents with innovative online Christian homeschool curricula. Her path towards the education world is long and winding and includes a variety of experiences.

Rothschild got her professional start in retail, owning and operating twenty-three Forbes outlets throughout Pennsylvania. For eight years, she designed and manufactured dolls in three continents, founding The Rothschild Doll Company. Her dolls were sold in toy shops all over the world such as FAO Schwartz. From there, she designed figurines for clients like Walt Disney and the Franklin Mint. Following her design career, she founded Amazing Gracie’s, a clothing company dedicated to providing needy families in struggling countries with gently-used clothing.

It was at this point in her life that Mimi turned her eye to the world of home education. She had homeschooled several of her eight children previously and was passionate about providing families with home education information. From the beginning of her homeschool experience, she was an outspoken voice in the home education world, authoring books and writing articles. With the advent of the internet, Rothschild realized that it could provide homeschool families with courses tailor made for self-teaching. She and her husband Howard Mandel began developing the technological framework to realize this dream.

Mimi Rothschild’s homeschooling experience and her husband Howard’s technological experience combined to form Learning By Grace. Soon after, they launched The Jubilee Academy in 2003 because they wanted to provide Christian homeschool families with a cutting-edge home education curriculum at an affordable price.

You can read other articles about home education at The Jubilee Academy Resources page.

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