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About The Jubilee Academy Online Homeschool Program

The Jubilee Academy is an online, accredited K-12 homeschool academy that allows parents all over the world to provide their children with a quality Christian education.

Our curriculum, available 24/7, is a thoroughly Christian array of multimedia course material. We offer over 140 courses, from the traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic to progressive online homeschool courses like Web Design and Crime Scene Investigation. These courses utilize video, audio, offline textbooks, and interactive online activities like puzzles, games, and research projects.

The Jubilee Academy’s students are able to work through their courses at their own pace. This enables students with learning disabilities or accelerated learners to thrive without feeling brought down to the status quo or perpetually shuffled through grade levels without actually learning. Our students don’t just memorize facts, they actually retain the information they learn. It’s not about passing a test, it’s about enriching minds with truth and wisdom.

Parents love The Jubilee Academy because it gives them control over what their children learn and provides them with a learning environment free from peer pressure, negative influences, worldly thinking, and a host of other dangers. The Jubilee is a complete parent-led educational solution for today’s homeschooler.

To learn more, visit The Jubilee Academy home page.

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